Second clutch!

Way to go Diane! Despite angry broody chickens fighting you over prime nesting space and fowl (bahdumtss) weather, you successfully brooded your eggs! Four out already, two pipped, three unknown status. If you hatch all nine, I’ll be super happy. 

Amazingly, this time I actually caught the hatching itself in progress! That one hanging out of the shell in the lower right of the second photo, I actually watched it fling itself out of the shell the rest of the way!

This went down just before 20:00 (8:00pm) on Monday evening. Going to leave her be for a while, I’ll check the totals tomorrow before I leave for work. Hopefully she also hatches those three Bielefelder eggs. If not, I’ve got to split them up between the two broody hens. 

We’ve got enough turkeys already, so these ones will be for sale locally. Look at that face!


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