Yeah that’s right. Honkies. Yay geese!

We got our American buff goslings! This was not the most economical way to get geese. We could have gone down to wilco and picked some up, and we still might (just to have a goose for Christmas) but we ordered these two because no one locally seemed to have them. 

The American buff goose was considered critically endangered (they are now at “watch” status) so we are helping to save a bit of American poultry heritage. Also, they seem to be considered the best parents of domestic geese. That’s important to us because we can basically have a self sustaining flock with minimal intervention. One less thing for us to do!

Heritage breeds are where it’s at. And if you doubt the economical decision of having geese, just go to the store and see what they cost, then consider that after these two start laying, they cost us almost nothing because they eat almost entirely grass. 

In the meantime, they’re super cute!


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