They look so much bigger in the wild…

So first off, I am so sorry I didn’t get a picture. Scratch that, I’m mad I didn’t get a picture. 

About a mile and a half from home, I see something on the side of the road. I always watch for shapes and movement because deer can be pretty active here. But this was like a big shadow. 

So naturally I slowed down to be sure. And that’s when the black bear turned to look at my car. 

I think my exact words were “holy sh*t that’s a f***ing bear!” I came to a complete stop and tried to get my phone out to take a picture but it sauntered across the road and into the bushes. 

I’d like to repeat that this was less than a mile and a half from home. I’d have to guess this thing was 350-400 pounds. I’ve seen them in zoos before, but that was impressive. 


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