A day in the life of a baby bunny

Eat, sleep, eat again. 

And grow! Saturday afternoon we went down and counted the babies. Litter one, 9 days old, has ten kits!

Litter two, 6 days old, has seven kits. Smaller litter, but still gives us seventeen total. 

There’s such a size difference between the two litters, and even just since I checked Friday night, that this is a two day post. Above is a Saturday afternoon pic of one 9 day old kit. Below is one day later.

Not a huge difference between the two, but half of that is that they aren’t all the same size. 

I almost got the gate done before it got dark, but not quite. So the fence and gate post part two might have to wait. Depends how bad it rains tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy some baby bunnies!


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