Long eared ingrates or just being helpful?

So, roughly half an hour after finishing the rabbit pen expansion, I happened to go out and check on them. And all three had decided to repay my efforts by demonstrating that the new fence was not rabbit proof. It’s worth noting that someone had wanted me to wait till next weekend to do this so she could help make sure it was secure but I was sure I could do it on my own. In the dark. Lesson learned. 

Fortunately, the two of us rounded them up pretty quickly. But it did mean I was up until 3 just fixing the fence so they couldn’t get out. And 4 making sure I hadn’t missed anything and they couldn’t get out. 

By 8, one had and we had to get up and get her back in. Six hours after that, all still contained, I think we got it now. I’m scratched up pretty bad from catching rabbits and working with wire in the dark. Moral of the story, don’t start a project unless you’re sure you’ve got the time to finish it. 

Anyway, all that aside, they’re loving the extra space! In the second pic, you can pretty clearly see where the old fence was. It’s more than twice as big now. 


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