Gearing up for baby animal time!

Every day, I go collect eggs. I actually really enjoy it. For one thing, we’ve got a very colorful variety!

I collect everything except the turkey eggs. Diane isn’t laying very consistently, only about every other day, but I’m hoping she sets about a dozen. With a good hatch rate, between her and the incubator, I’d like to have at least a dozen turklets. 

Little tip. Though they have very slightly different optimum temperatures, turkey and chicken eggs can be incubated together. However, turkey eggs take roughly a week longer, so we had them in the incubator a week before adding the chicken eggs. 

Now, we’ve never incubated eggs before, but we are really hoping for a good hatch rate. Up until now, the farm has grown mainly through purchases. I’d really love to see some natural growth!

Although, speaking of natural growth… the huckleberries have started blooming! And the elderberries are not far behind them! We’ve got big plans for those this year!

Just gotta get that fence done!


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