Fancy chicken hatching time!

We’ve got six chickens in the freezer. We’ve got the perfect ratio of rooster to hen for optimal fertilization. We’ve only got three Bielefelder hens and we want more. 

Go go incubator! People my age will get that. We sprung for the egg turner, too. Sure it doubles the price, but with my schedule, we all know I won’t be turning the eggs five times a day. Lady McFarmFace is willing, but she’s got so much going on already, I didn’t want to add a new chore. 

We started setting aside the Bielefelder eggs on Monday. But then the turkey started laying. Now, I’m told Narragansett turkeys are pretty good mothers and she will raise the turklets all by herself. But she will only raise about a dozen at a time. So, brilliant idea. Turkey and chicken eggs can be incubated together, the turkeys just need an extra week. 

So, we will go ahead and eat the Bielefelder eggs we’ve set aside. This week we will collect turkey eggs until next Saturday when we will incubate them. The rest, Diane gets. During the first week of incubation, we will collect Bielefelder eggs again and the following Saturday they go in. So they should all hatch around the same day. 

Now if only I could get her to lay eggs in a nest box instead of the dog house. 


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