Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Ok, I didn’t want to say anything right away in case I jinxed myself, but 24 hours later still going strong. 

There’s a reason we have two female rabbits. After losing the first litter, we were pretty upset and decided that the next one we might bring inside. However, roughly 15 hours after I had the very unpleasant task of cleaning up the first litter, I heard some noise from the rabbitry. 

This was about 0245 Monday morning. I walked down to see what was up and peeked into the nest boxes. The first was still empty but the second had a ball of white fur the size of a baseball in it, and a mama rabbit outside pulling fur to finish filling it. I left her be and came back at about 0320. By then, she was done, the fur in the box was laying flat and moving. A second litter!

I seriously contemplated gathering them and bringing them inside but decided not to. First, the first litter had almost no fur in the nest. Rookie mama rabbit mistake. They got too cold and didn’t stand a chance. This one obviously had her stuff together. Second, no matter how well intentioned, humans are rarely better at raising baby animals than mama animals. 

​I took a brief video so you could see them wriggling about under the fur blanket, but otherwise left them alone. Well, a full day later, they’re still wriggling. I reached in to check gently. They’re super warm under the fur and I’m fairly sure I felt six. But until they’re furry enough to expose to this cold air, we won’t know for sure. Until then, we will just check a few times a day to make sure they stay warm in there. Updates as they become available!


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