And so it begins…

We are less than nine weeks from the estimated last frost date. It seems odd to say that as the snow accumulates past an inch deep, but that’s what the numbers say!

Today I mixed up a nice big batch of seed starting mix. Nothing fancy, some organic potting soil, peat moss, vermiculite, sand, and some Doctor earth organic fertilizer. I suggest avoiding both Scott’s and Miracle Grow brands as the parent company has a long standing and strong partnership with Monsanto. 

I got three seedling trays ready but only planted one today. It’s all peppers!

24 of a mixed bell pepper blend consisting of California wonder, diamond, golden California wonder, orange sun, and purple beauty. 

24 purple jalapeño. 

12 habanero and 12 jumbo jalapeño. The last two are seeds left over from last year so I didn’t want to dedicate too much space to seeds that might not be good. 

I know 72 pepper plants might seem like a lot, but we eat a lot of peppers, and jalapeños can really well. Still, will probably sell or give away half of them. 

Next week, the tomatoes will get planted. 

Now, what’s really cool is I have a heat mat and thermostat for it this year. The heat mat I used last year is currently keeping the rabbit water liquid and warming the nest box. This was a kit on Amazon and I’m loving it! Highly recommend it. I paid 32.95 each, but they’re up to 35.95 now. 

Also, some sad news. If you’re not up for that, stop reading now. 
We lost the baby rabbits. It looks like the mama rabbit was wet with snow when she went to nurse and they got chilled from that. So we will clean the chick brooder and if there is another litter while it’s cold, we will bring the mama and babies inside for a few days till they’re furred out enough. 


2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

    • Thanks. Not too worried about the plants. I’ve been container gardening for years. Didn’t do too well last summer but that was largely because of the move!
      With two does that both reached breeding age within days of each other, I’m expecting we will have another litter very soon. Fingers crossed!


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