Busy time

With spring rapidly approaching, there’s a lot to do. Mainly little projects, but some big stuff too. 

We had mice burrowing into the coop so some bricks and gravel around the edges today to hopefully discourage that. 

I got the garden prepped. Had to clean out the old tomato and pepper plant stems. Shoveled in all the rabbit poop I could scoop, and added some extra organic soil I hadn’t gotten around to last fall. Still need to finish the wall and leveling, but that can wait a bit. 

The wood stove had been smoking out the house so I cleaned it out, swept the chimney, and cleaned out the catch at the bottom of the chimney. And now I understand why most people hire someone to do this! Lots of ash and soot. Dirty work!

The chickens are in full gear. We actually got six eggs today, meaning the five ameraucana cherps are the only ones not laying yet. And the injured hen has recovered enough to rejoin the flock. She spent a few days outside in a penned off area to reduce aggression and it seems to have worked. 

Now it’s time for dinner, some drinks, and some downtime before I go back to work tomorrow!


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