Eggs! But from whom…?

Hey, so remember that the Bielefelders started laying. We all remember the egg delivery, right?

Well, biology says when a hen lays an egg of a specific color, she will eggs of that color forever. Considering the quantity and timing of eggs over the last two weeks and the ages of our hens, we can safely say Bielefelder eggs look like the ones above. 

But then we got this today (except the one on the right is from yesterday). So we’ve got a warmer toned huge egg and a pink colored little one. 

The pink one we are pretty sure is from Raven. Her, Chipmunk, and Grey are the next oldest but Chipmunk is smaller and Grey is in the infirmary because of an injury. But that big’un…

I know turkey eggs are supposed to be white with speckles. But we are going to be watching Diane closely for signs of nesting behavior over the next few weeks. Without having seen the egg laid, we can’t be totally sure whodunnit. 

Also, right before I started writing this, a Bielefelder dropped another egg right in the yard. So now our egg basket looks like so!

Yay for chickens!!!


2 thoughts on “Eggs! But from whom…?

  1. It’s always so fun when the girls start to lay. If these girls are laying for the first time, my guess would be that the extra large egg has two yolks in it. Always a surprise to find. It usually doesn’t continue happening but it is fun while it does.


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