Tortoise and hare? Nah. Girlfriend and rabbit!

So, a few of the wire ties at the bottom of the rabbit pen came loose since building it and last night, one of the rabbits got out while I was at work. 

Please keep in mind that we live in the woods and the treeline begins only about a hundred feet from the rabbit pen. My girlfriend chased down and cornered the rabbit and caught her with her bare hands. 

Take a moment and let that sink in. She caught an escaped rabbit that was headed for the woods with her bare hands. Do not mess with this chick. 

Anyway, the bunny is fine and almost certainly pregnant. The girlfriend says she could feel the babies inside while carrying her back. Also, there was some fur in the nest box, which is something female rabbits start doing in the last couple of days before birth. So we may have baby rabbits before the new year arrives!


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