Soup and the pecking order

As many of you may know, we have multiple roosters. We have received many a warning that we will come home to a bloodbath one of these days from those unfamiliar with Bielefelders. 

But we also had one straight run Easter egger chick turn out to be a rooster, too. From his nasty attitude (compared to the Bielefelders. Compared to other roosters I’ve known, he’s actually quite sweet!) he earned the name Soup. 

Though he’s a bit of a jerk, he was also too small to cause any real problems until fairly recently when he decided he wanted to start breeding the hens. They, of course, objected. But even then, not a huge deal since we aren’t hatching eggs until spring. But one day he decided to try to get higher on the pecking order and managed to deliver a smack down to one of the Bielefelders. 

Nothing brutal, but a little blood on the Bielefelder and Soup strutting around he owned the place. He should have left it at that. But no, he tried to move higher and received a beat down in return. 

No fatalities, no serious injuries except to his pride. But that was sort of the final push that he needed to go. And I did have a plucker needing testing…

Well, the plucker works pretty well! That took roughly 1/4 the time doing it by hand did, and was a whole lot less frustrating. It’s amazing what a little brain over brawn can accomplish, and for very little cost. 

I do still intend to build a drum style plucker but for now this has made processing birds a lot easier. Though the actual killing is still hard for me, it was easier than the first one. 

We will probably take a Bielefelder next weekend just because there’s no need for that many birds eating food and not laying eggs. We want to keep just the best two for breeding. 


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