An apology is owed. 

Several months ago, my girlfriend was having a discussion with a girl who was doing her toes. Because apparently girls talk about chicken eggs while doing pedicures. Learn something every day. 

Anywho, pedicure girl was going on about how she really wanted chickens and farm life and all that jazz, but didn’t want to “like go out and touch them and get dirty and stuff.” To which, of course, girlfriend informs her that chickens don’t deliver eggs to your doorstep. 

An apology is in order, I believe. 

In fairness though, the second egg laid today was in the coop. Which brings me to my main point. 

The chickens have started laying eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course this is just the Bielefelders, so we can’t expect more than three at a time until the Easter eggers catch up, but it’s still super cool. Couple of days, we might have enough for one breakfast! 

Also, yes the birds have access to the front door. This is why guests come in the side door. Less chicken poo. 


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