Backbreaking labor

Well, the labor was harder because of my back. But I did manage to get quite a bit done in spite of that. 

First, I made a better gate for the rabbit pen. It’s just 2×2 but the corners have angle brackets and there’s a diagonal brace for stability. 

At the top is a simple clip to close it, and at the bottom is a pin going down into a pipe to prevent any larger animals from pushing it open. 

Look at the happy bunnies running around their big ole home! They aren’t phased by rain or snow but really enjoy the twigs and wood for shelter. 

Also got the lights up! Not exactly a homestead or farm related chore, but it sure does brighten the place up at night!

And finally, I built a chicken plucker. It’s not the big drum style I’m going to build, but it’ll do the trick in the meantime. It’s pretty simple. Four pairs of rubber fingers on a 4″ pvc pipe end cap secured to a threaded rod. 

Stick it in a drill and away she goes! We will be trying it out probably next weekend. The one non Bielefelder rooster has to go. He’s the only one causing trouble. But while at it, might as well cut down on feed costs for the birds by taking a couple other roosters for the freezer. Will do a plucking post soon. 


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