Hopalong 3: locked and loaded

Early last week, with one rabbit cage finished and plans for a pen ready to go, the gf drove to enumclaw to visit bouncing bunny. 

We found bouncing bunny on Craigslist, which directed to their website Bouncing Bunny. I was not able to go with her, unfortunately. However she did provide me with a glowing review!

They are a family operation just outside of Olympia and have quite a few rabbits. The kids socialize and play with the rabbits every day, so they are incredibly friendly and docile. They’re also big and healthy looking! Not only were the rabbits great, she had nothing but wonderful things to say about the family itself, and how great they were. 

Back to our setup!

We purchased three rabbits, very reasonably priced. Two does (black ears) and an unrelated male(all white). Until the pen was constructed they all shared the 6.5’x4′ cage quite happily. They are apparently just a couple weeks before breeding age so we will keep them all together for the time being. 

As discussed before, the pen is 10’x25′ with a 4′ tall fence. The bottom is almost entirely covered with welded wire fencing to prevent digging, and the bottom is tied to the sides every couple of feet. Eventually the cage I built will go inside of the pen so the male can be kept separate to space out litters, but for now it’s out just to give them the extra space. 

The gate… well, it needs some work. It’s functional for now, but barely adequate. It’s pretty secure, but a pain in the butt. However I was running out of light and needed to be finished in a hurry. 

I piled a bit of brush and branches on one end, and leaned a bit of plywood over some concrete blocks for additional shelter. They also have a Rubbermaid tote with a hole for an entrance, and an adorable little red shelter from petco that they’ll probably never use because I paid for it. 

I stuffed every shelter with hay for them to burrow, sleep, and nibble. So far they’ve really seemed to enjoy running around and being rabbits. There will be additional work to deter aerial predators but for now I’m counting on shelter never being more than a few feet away. 

What’s really cool is that Vasi doesn’t seem to view them as prey. The girlfriend has taken her out to see them (on a leash of course) and she’s very calm with them. The rabbits were afraid of her at first but seem to have accepted that she’s not a danger. When Vasi is on the deck, she really keeps an eye out and will let us know if anything comes near them. 


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