A fungus among us

Some time ago, my friend Susan gave us mushroom spawn. Unfortunately, time to actually use it was short in supply. Still haven’t used half of what she gave us, but with the help of my nephew, I did manage to get two logs inoculated with shiitake and two with oyster. 

The basic procedure is pretty simply. Cut a suitable hardwood (we used alder because we’ve got them growing here) log and let it sit for a couple weeks to let the tree’s immune system die. Drill 5/8″ holes about 1″ deep all around the log, stick in the plugs, seal with wax. 

It may take a year before they start producing mushrooms, but they’ll continue to do so for years and I can use them to inoculate more logs. Essentially, I’ve got free mushrooms forever now!

Got a lot of stuff done in the last few days, but I like keeping you in suspense so I’m spacing it out a bit. Bwa ha ha. 


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