Wrecking the curve

I read up on the topic of livestock guardian dogs in general for a couple months, and Anatolian shepherds for weeks before we finally settled on our Dawg. One thing that has been very consistent in nearly all accounts is when they start acting like livestock guardians, and that is between ten and twelve months old. 

Our Vasi is about three and a half months old. She’s just a puppy. She walks loose leash, and is calm with the birds almost all the time, but she’s still a puppy. That’s what made tonight so astounding. 

I was at work but on the phone with the girlfriend so I heard all this. We got bells for the doorknob because this year Christmas needs to come early. Vasi figured out she could ring it to get us to let her out to tinkle in about five minutes. But a few hours later, she got really restless and was jingling the front door bell for everything she had. 

So I suggested just letting her out and watching her (the fence needs a little work before she can be left out there unattended). She went to the coop and circled it slowly, sniffing the ground, then walked one length of the yard still sniffing. Then she came back in and was chill again. 

So what’s the big deal? Anatolian shepherds patrol the perimeter of their territory periodically to ensure all is well and their animals are safe. But they don’t start doing that until nearly a year old. Talk about wrecking the curve!

It’s pretty clear to us that she comes from a very good line of working dogs and will keep our animals safe. It’s really shocking. She has figured out much of the behavior of an adult dog at a very young age. Now, she still gets puppy excited and forgets things, but having her guardian instincts kick in this early is really unusual from what I’ve read. 

She got an extra special treat for that!


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