Hop along McFarmFace 

The short days severely limit how much time I have to work outdoors. I really need a shop. Anywho, I did get a couple hours in working on the rabbit cages. 

Conventional wisdom says they need at least four square feet of space. We ain’t about that. Gave them lots of room!

The bottom pieces of wood are painted since they’ll be in contact with the ground. The rest, I think will be fine. Except the plywood top half, of course. 

I took extra care to ensure the ends were fully painted since that would be a prime place for rot to start. 

Once the bottom frame was screwed together, I laid out the floor and started stapling. 

Then came the top. This would have been much easier with an assistant but the gf was out running some pretty important errands. 

And then of course had to turn the whole thing over to do the other side. Which very quickly demonstrated that it wasn’t very stable. 

Triangles are much more geometrically stable than rectangles. 
The hardware cloth is on the inside of the frame, protecting the wood frame from little bunny teeth. But as you can see, the light is gone. But I feel like the next one will be quicker to make. 

We need a minimum of three. Two for the adults and one for growing out the litter. But if we decide to have two does (rabbits are does and bucks like deer) then we will need four total. At that point we may go to a colony style. Time will tell. 


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