Growing up fast

I tell you, for having bought this place sans livestock just a few short months ago, it’s getting very busy here!

The turklets are transitioning outside this week. Basically as soon as the adult birds stop trying to peck through the bars, they will go in the coop at sundown. 

Vasi Custard Dawg has been spending more time outside, just on the deck for now. Once I’ve got more fencing up, she will have her own yard and just come inside when we want her inside. She will probably sleep indoors for several more months, but other than that will be a largely outdoor dog living next to the birds. 

The fuzzballs of cherp have been upgraded to cherps. They’ll start the transition outdoors as soon as the turklets are finished with the rabbit hutch. 

And then that’s it for new animals until spring! But we’ve got fences and shelters to build, pasture to clear, and some indoor projects too. And let’s not forget the garden gets started soon! Busy busy like bees. Oh right. Gotta get hives set up too. 


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