Training and sleep 

Lots of one, not so much of the other. We decided on the name Vasi Custard Dawg. Vasi is Turkish for guardian, Custard holds special meaning for the girlfriend, and well, Vasi is a Dawg. 

She seems to have the concept of housebreaking down, it’s just a matter of bladder control being such a young dog. She is still rather intimidated by the cats but has begun wanting to play with them. I’ll let the cats tell her what is and is not ok!

She’s got the concept of the leash down and walks loose leash at my side most of the time with very little correction. Not bad for just a few days!

But she’s got a job to learn. The turkeys are definitely the bravest of the birds, and the most curious. For her part, she doesn’t seem all that interested in them right now. I figure that’s a good thing. She’s not viewing them as toys. For the next ten to twelve months she will only be around them with supervision, preferably with a leash or fence controlling her. 

Now if I could just get her to stop trying to eat chicken poop…


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