Don’t put all your eggs in one hen!

The close call with Diane made us realize that if something were to happen to her, it would be at least another full year before we had any turkey eggs. And since we are planning on a small flock of them, that’s quite the delay. Craigslist to the rescue!

Not too terribly far from here is a small off grid homestead with Narragansett turkeys. They don’t eat them (vegetarian homesteaders…) but do sell them to those who do. Well, they had a surprise clutch last month. So surprise that they didn’t even know there were eggs until there were poults! 

But with no brooder and cold weather approaching, they wanted to get them out to good homes so they came at a ridiculously low price. So we got four. Being mostly feathered out already, they’ll start spending time in the yard this week, isolated from but visible to the chickens. Once we are confident there won’t be any acts of violence, they’ll get a spot in the coop for themselves. Meanwhile, the fuzzballs of cherp will probably be in the brooder a bit longer. 

But until then, besties!


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