The best behaved turkey evah!

About a week ago, Diane started favoring her left foot. We thought maybe bumblefoot, which we can handle on our own. But then yesterday her face swelled up on one side indicating either a sinus infection or trying to eat a wasp. Since, in a purely monetary sense, she is the most valuable animal we own, we decided to go ahead and take her to the vet. 

Well, then the raccoon incident happened. So a vet visit was a good idea anyway. All the staff, from the receptionist to the doctor, remarked on how she was not only a beautiful bird, but also incredibly well behaved. Although she was a bit nosy about what the vet tech wrote in her chart. 

Sinus infection it is. So despite our desire to be 100% organic, she will be getting antibiotics for the next couple of weeks. Not a big deal, as she won’t be laying for several months. Ultimately we decided that the cost of the vet visit and the medicine was well worth it for the health of our bird, especially considering that we expect she will pay for herself and then some by this time next year. We want her to be healthy and happy in the meantime. 


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