Miniature fuzzballs of cherp!!!

The chick season for our local retailer has come to an end, but not before getting in a shipment of Ameraucana chicks! Little backstory, ameraucana are similar to Araucana, but without a genetic problem the letter is prone to. Easter Eggers is a generic term for any chicken that has the blue eggshell gene. While today that means probably some ameraucana or araucana parentage, both those breeds actually came from Easter Eggers. 

Anyway, with the bielefelders approaching laying age and the Easter Eggers not too far behind, we were still at less than 1/3 the number of hens we want so we picked up five of these little girls. In the spring we will get some marans and more bielefelders if we can find them. Also geese, which will be raised much like the turkeys. Breeding adults, sell the babies. 

Once these babies are out of the brooder and into the coop, hopefully we will have the rabbits already and be prepping the pasture for goats. 


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