Cooped up part deux 

Well, had to make some changes to the design because having the door on one side just wasn’t going to be stable enough. The roof kept pushing the walls outward. Call it a lesson learned. But two new sheets of plywood and some creative use of a saw later, the coop is structurally finished!

The door is actually two parts that can be opened and closed separately. Why? Why not. The girlfriend assisted me with installing the roosts and getting the roofing felt attached. Of course the roll of felt was a couple inches narrower than the roof panels, so we cut one piece into strips and that handled the peak and whatnot. 

Now what’s really funny is how much work it was to get the chickens to accept this as their new home! I closed the old coop to try to force them to use the new one. They just milled around the old one. I actually had to pick each one up and place it in the new one. And even that didn’t work until it started getting dark out. 

The roosts are 2×4’s running parallel to the right and back walls about 2.5 feet up. The floor is covered with wire mesh, then plywood, then wood shavings. Overall it’s quite soft and springy to walk on. We will be using the deep litter method to manufacture compost for the garden. 

While I’m working this week, the girlfriend has volunteered to paint the exterior for me. We are going with red, and the neighbors have some white trim they’re giving us so it’s going to look pretty nice! Just have to track down some shingles now, and the electronics for the automatic door if I can find any time soon. But for now, the growing birds will have more space, better roosts, and much better ventilation. 


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