Tastes like chicken 

Warning: pictures. 

People say it all the time. To hear some people talk, you’d think anything except beef and broccoli tastes like chicken! Well here’s the secret. Most people don’t know what chicken tastes like.

As I talked about in Keeping animals for food, commercial chicken operations are somewhat horrifying. The life an animal lived does have an impact on taste. 

As our first group of chickens grows, it’s time to start thinning the number of roosters. Now, the Bielefelders get along pretty well, but we simply don’t want six roosters. I had, up until this point, never intentionally killed an animal except fish, bugs, etc. But it’s an important part of farm life so I made myself do it. 

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t fun. Neither was the plucking, though I’ve got a plan for that. But that’s another post. 

So, plucked rooster. He was still a little on the small side, about three pounds dressed. I did the actual killing, and helped with the plucking, but the girlfriend definitely did more than I did. She also cooked the bird. 

Despite being small, he was incredibly tasty. She brined him for 24 hours, patted dry, and let him sit for another day. The roasting was done with celery for flavor, but when that started to fall apart she stuffed the pan with kale for the last bit in the oven. 

Not a lot of breast meat, but what there was was so tender I swear you could chew it with your tongue. And it was more flavorful than most dark meat I’ve had. No joke, this was the best tasting chicken I’ve ever had. 

In addition to the incredible taste, I know it had a good life and a quick death, so despite how difficult it was for me to do, I’m very pleased with this guilt free meal. So the next time someone says “tastes like chicken,” ask them if they’re sure!


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