Land improvement update!

It’s been less than two months since putting the chickens out in the front yard with some straw. As a reminder, this is what the soil looked like before. 

It’s dry, dusty, and almost hard as a rock less than 1/4 inch down. Good layer of straw, about a dozen birds, two months, and a couple good rains later…

It’s not that impressive looking at top. The straw is dirty, it’s ugly, and there’s chicken poop all over the place. Yet somehow, this is still more attractive as a yard than that old dry dust was. But what gets really exciting is what happens when you scrape the top layer of straw off!

Voilà! The line between straw and dirt is blurred. It’s moist despite no rain for the last week, and it smells more like good quality soil than like dust and chicken poop. We plan to lay down some more straw and wait through the winter. After a couple more months, some good rain, and a lot of chickens, we will be ready to plant an actual lawn before springtime!


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