Clean and fresh

Just like us, chickens like a refreshing drink of water. Just like when we are teenagers, chickens are messy. There are tons of chicken water delivery devices out there, most of which involve an upside down container in a tray of some sort.

These are among the messiest. The only way to get dirtier water is to just set a bowl on the ground. Some people will just go with a smaller container so it’s empty about the time it needs to be cleaned. Lame.

One of the other options are the amusingly (for the juvenile minded such as myself) named chicken nipples. I have no experience with these, but many report great success.

What I’ll be talking about is a device called a chicken cup. 5pcs Bird Coop Feed Automatic Poultry Chicken Water Drinking
It works in a very similar manner to the nipples. There is a reservoir of water and a small device that when bumped releases a small amount of water. Think hamster water bottle.

Basically you drill a hole in either a pvc pipe or a bucket, fill it with water, and wait for the chickens to figure out that’s where the water is. I replaced their traditional waterer last night and so far the results are not bad. 

I did have to show them that this was water by jiggling the yellow thing until the cups filled, but once they started drinking, their beaks triggered the trickle just fine. Except the turkeys, who seem incredibly suspicious of this newfangled contraption. 


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