Finding time

The biggest challenge so far in my homesteading adventure hasn’t been money or materials, but time. I have dozens of projects that I want to work on right freaking now. But I’m also working three times as many hours as I’m sleeping, five days a week, for the last three weeks. 

As such, the weekends are about the only time I have available to do much of anything. But I also have a relationship to maintain, family gatherings, appointments, etc. As such, things have stalled somewhat. But Labor Day weekend, I have been granted a reprieve. My boss decided I should take Monday off. Not because I asked, but because he has seen how hard I’ve been working and how tired I’ve been. 

So! Time to borrow a truck and get wood for the coop, stone blocks for the retaining wall, and possibly turfstone for the driveway, if funds hold out! The abundance of roosters will begin to thin as I learn to slaughter and dress poultry. Have some plants to get in the ground, too. Plus I really need to get over to pick n pull for their sale. A car antenna motor will power an automatic chicken coop door. 

Hmm. I should probably catch up on sleep, too!


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