Using what you have

To me, sustainability is largely about using what you have, and making what you have work. I may not have the time, energy, or money to completely transform into a self sufficient off the grid farm in the next 24 hours, but what I DO have is birds landscaping for me and an incredible amount of berries. 

The result of one afternoon of picking huckleberries while I was off working. She didn’t even go after the salal and blackberries. 

So muffins! We’ve also had berry preserves and a berry pie since moving in. Next year will be even more amazing because we missed the elderberry harvest by about a month and we somehow have a stand of black cap raspberries that were too young to produce this year. 

There are also a few scraggly little hazelnut trees on the property. Over the winter I plan on clearing a little space around them to give them more light. We will also be planting several other varieties of fruit and nut. But in the meantime, I’ve got dessert for the weekend, thanks to the wonderful chef I’m lucky enough to have fallen for. 


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