Why Huckleberry Hills?

When we moved in, we immediately began thinking of a name. It seems that properties with acreage or houses with more than four bedrooms get to be named. So, cool!

But what name? It had to be friendly, somehow related to sustainable living and food, and express how happy this place makes us. We considered a lot of names but couldn’t decide one. Then my friend Susan came out and showed us that those shrubs that were all over the entire property were actually evergreen huckleberries!

Not long after that, the name just popped out at us. Even then, we kept thinking of names in case a cooler one came up. But it fit so nicely we decided to go with it. 

There are also salal, blackberry, black cap raspberry, and thimbleberry bushes on the property. But the huckleberries really stand out. We’ve already had huckleberry preserves, pie, and muffins. I’ll work on getting pictures of those for the blog but for now, feast your eyes on these beauties!

There are so many that we could sell them commercially if we could figure out a more time effective method of picking them. 


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