It’s about to get crazy…er up in here!

You know, I really meant to start this sooner. I did! I was going to buy my land and start writing from day one. 

Well. That didn’t happen! We moved in on July second and time got away from us fast! So let’s start with the backstory. 

My girlfriend and I have been together for over a year and she very quickly joined in on my dream of greener living. She inspired me to really get off my butt and start working towards my goal. The search for land was very trying. It seemed everything was either too small, too expensive, or too run down for the VA loan to touch it. I was all set to settle for a house in the suburbs and just put this off until later but she talked me out of that. 

I’m so very grateful that she did! Because a couple weeks later, our real estate agent called and said he had a place he really wanted me to go look at. 45 days later, I was signing a giant stack of paperwork!

I cannot stress enough the importance of patience here. If you are looking to undertake home buying, don’t settle! Be realistic in your expectations, but don’t compromise on what you want. Things happen when they are meant to. But patience also applies to turning a house into a homestead! I’d really love to be putting up fences and buying goats right freaking now, but if also like to not go bankrupt! 

So, we are taking it slowly. But in the next few posts I’ll be catching you (and by you, I mean all the people who aren’t reading this yet!) up on what the last month and a half have been like, and what we’ve already run into!


4 thoughts on “It’s about to get crazy…er up in here!

  1. I don’t know who you mean by “imaginary readers” as here I am reading & posting yet again Mr McFarmFace. But I totally agree with you on this one, as I moved in to my house on July 16 just shortly after you did. VA loan process just as yourself. Oh by the way, if you and yours ever want to visit you are more than welcome.

    your buddy from the 2004 Kaiserslauturn Alstaad Fest.


  2. I like the way this reads. You know, I think this is what you were looking for all those years ago, right out of high school, when you ran away to Montana for three weeks. This experience was much better planning. Glad to see it.


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