Birds of a feather

I couldn’t wait. I got chickens like two weeks after moving in. Don’t judge me. 

But as this was a plan a long time in the making, even this rushed decision was carefully planned out. I didn’t just get any old bird. I picked my breeds very carefully. Introducing the Bielefelders!

Let me take a moment and talk about specialty breeds. They aren’t always a good idea. Some people choose their animals by what is easily available and inexpensive. To hell with that! I choose my animals based on what I want from them. 

A lot of research went into the decision to get this largely unknown breed. Several people, including the girlfriend, felt that I was being a little foolish spending more than $6 per chick. And I still get a lot of well intentioned advice from people about my chickens that does not apply. 

Simply put, I don’t care how many chickens you’ve had. If you’ve never had Bielefelders, you don’t know about Bielefelders. 

This is a true dual purpose bird. Or so they say. Really, it’s a multipurpose bird. The roosters can reach up to 12 pounds, making it an excellent meat bird. The hens lay upwards of 200 eggs per year, making it a great laying bird. But they are also incredibly docile, making them excellent pets. I have six roosters. A few were free because I’d bought everything else she had and didn’t want to just have a couple random roosters. There really isn’t any fighting. Basic pecking order stuff. Chest bumping like “come at me bro!” A little pecking. But frankly, they’re far better behaved than most hens I’ve seen. They can crow, and I have video evidence of their little adolescent attempts. But they generally don’t. 

I purchased them at 6-7 weeks old and they’ve quadrupled in size in the last five weeks. They don’t like being picked up, but don’t mind being held. 

Of course, even as well behaved as they are, I neither need not want more roosters than hens! So pretty soon a couple of the boys will become dinner. But this breed is amazing and my girlfriend actually says she feels bad for doubting my research. 

So, specialty breeds can be a good thing. But don’t get them based on cuteness or being exotic. 


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